After Tile Cleaning

After Tile Cleaning

When you look at your tiles, do you see a surface that shines? Or do you see one that looks like it’s in desperate need of a facelift?

If the second outcome describes your home, it’s time for our tile cleaning experts to step in. Through our professional service, you can reclaim your tiles as a space that is as functional as it is beautiful.

A Cure for Dull Tiles

Tiles typically look dull because they’re dirty. This is natural, especially in high-usage spaces like your bathroom or kitchen. But with the right professional care, it’s a quick fix!

  • First, we prepare the space for cleaning.
    We start off by sweeping and wiping down the tiled surface. This gives us a ready-to-use canvas for our cleaning solution.
  • Next, we apply our cleaning product.
    We use a specially formulated cleaner that breaks down dirt and other imperfections. Our cleaning technology deep-penetrates your tiled surfaces, so you’re getting a comprehensive clean.
  • Finally, we rinse the area and reveal your “like new” tiles.
    Our clients often comment that, after our tile cleaning service, it looks like they have freshly installed ties in your home. This is our goal – and we meet that goal every time!

With tile cleaning from Precision, your home will be as beautiful as it is functional. Enjoy the impact of “like new” tiles – without the cost or hassle of a replacement.