Largely dependent on usage, care, and the quality of the carpeting itself, carpets may or may not last a particularly long time. Truth be told, there isn’t a carpet made that will last forever. You can, however, increase the longevity and appearance of a carpet by taking good care of it. Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis, for example, helps prevent carpet damage, and keeps your home environment healthier in general.

But why do some carpets break down faster than others? Some simply fade while others wear out altogether. Again, it depends on whether or not the carpet is of good quality. It also has a lot to do with whether or not the carpet was cleaned on a regular basis (experts recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year).

Let’s take a look at some of the things that cause carpet damage in the hopes that you can avoid them and have a carpet that lasts a long time.

Oops – Somebody Spilled Something

Whether you have children in the house or not, this happens more often than we’d probably like to admit. Soda, coffee, red wine, etc., can stain your carpet permanently, particularly if not attended to immediately. Even worse, getting too close to your carpet with oil, bleach, or other chemicals can damage it beyond repair. As soon as possible, when something is spilled, take care of it. Soak it up and call the professionals. Pretreat with a carpet safe product if you choose.

It’s Just Dirt – Or Is It?

General debris like a grime, mud, and dirt can be a major carpet damage contributor. For all intents and purposes, dirt buildup isn’t something that’s seasonal, either. Your carpet won’t last as long as it should if general debris isn’t gleaned from it on a regular basis. Colors will fade faster, and the fibers will break down sooner.

High-Traffic Areas

It is the bane of homeowners all over the world – foot traffic. You can tell people to remove their shoes before they come in, but you’re still going to experience a significant level of wear and tear on your carpet. Throw rugs in high traffic areas are one way of reducing traffic patterns and wear. Remember that high heels and dress shoes are notorious for traffic wear but even slippers, socks, and soft soled shoes cause wear. Dirty shoes and socks are even worse.

Pets and Odors

Odors and pets go hand-in-hand when it comes to carpet. So do stains and pets and carpet. Keeping your pet as clean and groomed as possible is a great way to keep odors and hair out of your carpet. Wiping off their feet before they come in from out of doors helps keep your carpet clean. Remember that if your pet has an accident on the carpet to dab it up immediately. Get as much up as you can initially, and then treat the stain or area with a pet safe, carpet safe product. If your pet has frequent accidents, it’s time to call a professional to have the entire carpet cleaned and treated, wall to wall.

For Carpet Damage, Rely on Precision Carpet Care for Assistance

Does your carpet look old, faded, dirty, or simply less attractive than you’d like it to? When was the last time you had it professionally cleaned? A month ago? Six months ago? Five years ago? Regardless, the professionals at Precision Carpet Care want to help refresh and revitalize your carpeting so that it looks like new again. But we do so much more than just clean carpets!

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