Water damage to commercial properties can come at a huge cost to business owners, and not just financially. The cost of restoration work as well the lost revenue while your business is closed for repairs can hit hard financially – but water damage can pose a serious health and safety risk to your employees and customers too. That is something to be avoided at all costs, which is why it is crucial for business owners to educate themselves on the reasons for water damage in commercial properties, how to spot the signs and what to do when it does happen.

If you have spotted signs of water damage in your property but are unsure of the cause, do not hesitate to call in a professional who can utilize several leak detection tools to uncover the source.

Damaged Pipes

One of the most common reasons for water damage in a commercial property is damaged pipes. This could be caused by several factors, including but not limited to, a sudden huge change in temperature or pressure. If there is a lingering smell of stagnant water or water stains on the floors, walls and ceilings of your commercial property, all signs point to water damage caused by broken pipes.

Damage to Windows and Seals

If the windows and/or their seals in your commercial property are broken, water damage can occur rapidly. Window seals prevent the outside air from getting in and are used to lock in gas. When that – or the window itself – is damaged, moisture is allowed to seep in, leading to mold and additional water damage. Signs that water damage has been caused by a broken window or seal would be mold stains on the walls surrounding it, as well as damaged wood on the ledges. 

Damage to HVAC systems

Whatever heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems are in place for your commercial building, they are undoubtedly crucial for maintaining a comfortable environment for your customers and employees. However, HVAC ducts can get worn out or damaged over time, resulting in leakage and consequently, water damage. 

Natural Disasters

While nobody can stop the onset of natural disasters, businesses would do well to prepare a disaster response plan in advance, as well as ensuring that the property is as well-protected as possible from water damage. Regularly checking and cleaning the drainage system of any debris can go a long way in minimizing the effects of water damage caused by natural disasters like floods and storms.

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