Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

Tiled surfaces look fabulous when they are clean, but dirt and grime can spoil that perfect appearance. A tile cleaning service can restore shine to your tiles. Get that “good as new” effect by investing in tile cleaning today.

What is Professional Tile Cleaning?

You probably already clean your tiles on a daily or weekly basis. While sweeping and vacuuming a tiled floor can help to prevent dust and dirt from building up, tiles need more intensive care every so often to keep them in good condition. Professional tile cleaning uses specialist equipment and cleaning products to clean both the tiles and the grout between them.

Why Use a Professional Tile Cleaning Service?

Professional tile cleaning is more effective than simply mopping the floor or cleaning it with a wet cloth. While mopping a tile floor can only remove surface-level dirt, a professional tile cleaning service can extract grime that is deeply embedded into the tiles and grout. As a result, the grout will look much brighter. In this way, tile cleaning can make your tiled floor look as good as new.

How to Keep Tiled Floors Clean

To keep your tiled floors clean between professional cleanings, take a little time each day to vacuum or sweep up loose dirt and dust. Roughly once a week, mop the floor to remove sticky or liquid substances. Be sure not to use any abrasive cleaning chemicals which could damage the tiles or the grout. If you are not sure which chemical cleaners are suitable for regular maintenance of your tiled floor, you can ask your tile cleaning service for advice.

Enjoy a Better Clean

Although there are things you can do to keep your tiled floor clean on a day to day basis, there are still benefits to an occasional professional clean. Professional tile cleaning delivers a streak-free finish to your tiled floor. For an extra cost, you can choose to have us seal the tile system to protect it against dirt in the future. That way, the “just like new” effect will last month after month and year after year.

If you want to enjoy a cleaner tile floor, get in touch today to schedule a professional clean.