From heavy rains and flooding to a backed-up floor drain or plumbing overflow, water can be devastating to your home. Even after it’s dry, problems can persist if the situation isn’t cleaned up appropriately. To make sure you’re not dealing with the lingering effects of water damage, call the experts at Precision Carpet Care & Restoration LLC.

We’re available for water restoration services across Fayetteville NC, helping you clean up after a flood. Count on our proven techniques and experienced team to extract any lingering contamination leftover from recent water, to restore the cleanliness and safety to your carpets and your home. 

Emergency Water Extraction

The longer water seeps into your carpets, the more dangerous the situation becomes. Mold, mildew, bacteria and other microbes can take root quickly and when they do, they’re difficult to remove. We help homeowners prevent this additional water damage by extracting water quickly after a flooding incident. Our powerful extraction equipment removed all saturated water—and the microbes and pathogens that come with it. 

Prevent Lasting Water Damage

Water damage can take many forms, including lingering spots, smells, deterioration and more. We do a thorough job of water restoration, to extract all water and remediate the areas of your carpet where some of these issues have already begun to appear. Our stain and odor removal takes effect right down to the carpet pad, to leave your floors looking and smelling great even after water intrusion. 

Don’t Let Water Win!

Water intrusion and the water damage that follows can seem devastating. The best thing you can do is call Precision Carpet Care & Restoration LLC at 910-984-5195 to schedule emergency water restoration right away. Whether it’s hurricane season in Fayetteville NC or you’re dealing with an unfortunately plumbing issue, we’re here to ensure water doesn’t affect your home or business for any longer than it takes for us to extract it.