In most cases, if you keep up with regular cleaning of household hard surfaces, they remain in pretty decent condition. Slack off just briefly, however, and stains and dirt buildup can occur. Some surfaces are harder to clean than others - tile and grout for example. Soap scum, mold, and mildew can make the job of cleaning tile and grout very nearly unbearable. When you need professional hard surface cleaning services, who can you turn to? 

Whether it is a small apartment, medium-size dwelling, or a large, spacious home, when you need hard surface cleaning in your home, you want a company that cares. In today's world, that can be a tall order. But in Fayetteville and surrounding communities, Precision Carpet Care has taken pride in all they do for 11 years. Our goal is simple: Provide unsurpassed carpet and hard surface cleaning service that goes above and beyond your expectations in the cleaning industry.

Our IICRC certification (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration) reflects our expertise. When you're looking for a cleaning company that offers experienced, reliable, trustworthy service, look no further than Precision Carpet Care.

What Fayetteville, NC Residents Are Saying

The following are reviews posted by a number of our clients. These reviews and more are viewable at our website:

  • Sid - Looking for good carpet cleaning? I highly recommend this company. They gave us a heads-up as to when they would arrive, showed up at the scheduled time, were professional, quick, and got all the stains out! Our carpet looks like it just came from the showroom. While they were working, the installation guys were pleasant to chat with.


  • Jules - The staff was friendly and very professional. Our carpets look extremely clean and amazing. Great service at a great price! I highly recommend them.

Why Do You Need Professional Hard Surface Cleaning?

Whether you know it or not, hard surface cleaning entails more than just spraying a multi surface cleaner, wiping, and walking away. Professionals understand that there is a process to hard surface cleaning. This process includes the following steps:

  • Identify what you're cleaning.

  • Apply the appropriate chemicals, cleaners, etc.

  • Set time or emulsification.

  • Agitation or concentrating on stubborn stains.

  • Removal of all cleaning solutions from the surface.

  • Drying time.

Services We Offer at Precision Carpet Care

It should be simple, rather than stressful, to get your upholstery and carpet cleaned. Additionally, it should deliver something more than a quick fix - it should offer a long lasting, quality solution. To protect your favorite surfaces, we offer complete cleaning services including the following:

  • Emergency water extractions

  • Carpet patching and repair

  • Stain removal (paint, rust, ink, marker, wine, Kool-Aid, etc.)

  • Pet treatments

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Grout and tile cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning

  • We also offer commercial cleaning services.

Trust Precision Carpet Care For Your Hard Surface Cleaning Needs

By enlisting the trusted professionals at Precision Carpet Care, you are enlisting a company that is insured and licensed. When it comes to carpet cleaning, and other hard surface cleaning jobs, we are leaders in our industry and have served Fayetteville and surrounding areas since 2008. Whether it's commercial work or residential, we can make carpeting and surfaces look like new again. Don't wait another day to breathe new life into your tile, grout, carpeting, and upholstery.

If you have questions about our hard surface cleaning, including tile and grout cleaning, or our carpet cleaning in Fayetteville and surrounding areas, we encourage you to contact us today at (910) 984-5195. You can also fill out our online form for a free estimate.