Pet Accident? Don’t Panic!

Pet Accident? Don’t Panic!

Let’s start with the good news: when it comes to your home and your pets, we aren’t asking you to compromise. You don’t have to choose a well-kept home or a pup, just as you don’t have to choose a beautifully maintained interior or a cat.

But pet accidents do happen every now and then. And when they do, it’s good to have a plan of attack.

3 Common Pet Issues

We work with many clients who are juggling pet issues and interior care. It’s a balancing act, after all – and it’s one that can benefit from a professional touch. Our team is most often called in to address issues stemming from:

  • Urine
    Pet urine isn’t just an eyesore – it can also leave a serious odor. And the more that urine buildup sits, the more deeply embedded the odor gets.
  • Pawprints
    Your pets will inevitable get into mischief; it’s part of what makes them fun. But sometimes, that mischief becomes visible in the form of paw prints or tracked dirt.
  • Fur
    Short hair, long hair – it doesn’t really matter what type of pet you have, as shedding happens. Pets also drop dander and even bacteria that can contribute to asthma and other respiratory issues.

… And What to Do About Them

Let’s get back to the point about compromising. When it comes to your pets and your home, you don’t have to do it. Precision Carpet Care & Restoration delivers tailored care that will get your carpeting and upholstery back on track. Services include:

  • Deep extraction carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Odor removal

Using the most advanced carpet and upholstery cleaning technology, we can restore your home so it looks and smells like new. Your pets are happy – and you are, too!