Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Children?

Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Children?

Parents do everything in their power to keep their children safe both inside and outside of the house. Because it’s softer than most other flooring options, carpeting is often the go-to choice for parents who have toddlers who are just starting to crawl or walk.

While it’s generally agreed that carpet itself is safe, some parents may still ask the question, “Is carpet cleaning safe?” The answer is yes! Not only is carpet cleaning safe, it’s also necessary to remove harmful bacteria and allergens that lurk in dirty carpeting.

Continue reading to learn a little bit more about professional carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning safety as a whole.

Ensuring your carpet is safe

The answer to whether carpet cleaning is safe is clear, but there are a few things you can do to guarantee your carpeting is always clean and safe. Follow these measures to keep your household as healthy as can be:

  • Schedule bi-annual cleanings: Hiring a team of professionals to clean your carpet at least twice a year is the best way to keep your carpet safe and clean. Just be sure your chosen carpet cleaning pros don’t use powerful chemicals like formaldehyde or hydrofluoric acid. At Precision Carpet Care & Restoration LLC, our products are guaranteed to be safe for your whole family.
  • Avoid DIY cleaning: Instead of hiring a professional, some homeowners opt to rent steam cleaning units to clean their carpeting by themselves. Unfortunately, DIY steam cleaning kits can be one of the top carpet cleaning dangers. The leftover water in the carpet fibers can become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.
  • Vacuum regularly: Be sure to vacuum your carpet once a week. Running the vacuum lifts ground-in allergens, bacteria and other microscopic pathogens that can be harmful to a crawling toddler. Additionally, vacuuming prolongs your carpet’s lifespan by fluffing up the fibers.
  • Clean spills right away: Cleaning up spills as soon as you see them is crucial in preventing permanent stains. Even if you know the substance is something safe for your baby, like juice, you’ll still want to blot it with a solution of vinegar and water as soon as possible to reduce the chance of permanent damage.
  • Enforce a no-shoe policy: You never know what kinds of pesticides or dirt someone’s shoes can track through your home and leave in your carpeting. By enforcing a no-shoe policy, you can rest easy knowing those chemicals will stay far away from your carpeting. Plus, your carpets are less likely to experience any ground-in dirt.
  • Clean your pets: You’ll also want to make a habit of brushing and bathing your pet on a regular basis. Clean pets are less likely to drop allergy-causing hair and dander, which makes for a healthier environment for everyone in your family. Just be sure your pet shampoo is also chemical free.

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