How to Remove Pet Stains from Carpeting

How to Remove Pet Stains from Carpeting

We love our pets, but no pet is perfect, and dealing with urine, vomit and other accidents can be a hassle. Additionally, failing to address pet stains quickly can permanently damage your flooring, rugs or furniture.

Luckily for our customers, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to address pet messes! Keep reading to learn a few tips and tricks for pet stain removal.

Cleaning urine

Even housebroken pets can have accidents from time to time. The first piece of advice for cleaning a urine stain is to act quickly. Getting to the urine before it sets in is crucial in removing the stain and eliminating the smell.

Start by using a clean towel to dry the spot. Gently pat the area to absorb as much urine as possible before it sets into the carpet or rug fibers. Depending on how big the spot is, you may need to use a few towels to absorb all of the urine.

Now that the area is at least somewhat dry, mix a solution of two cups of vinegar, two cups of warm water and four tablespoons of baking soda. Put the solution in a spray bottle and spritz the spot liberally.

Once you’ve applied your solution, wait about five to 10 minutes before blotting the area with another clean towel.

Cleaning fresh vomit

Vomit is acidic, which means it can permanently damage carpeting if it’s not cleaned up right away. For vomit pet stain removal, start by using a dustpan and broom to pick up any larger chunks. Once the chunks are gone, use a clean towel to absorb the moisture.

The solution you’ll use to clean this stain is two cups of warm water, a half-cup of vinegar, one tablespoon of salt and one tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Instead of putting this solution in a spray bottle, dip a sponge or soft cloth in the mixture and blot the soiled area.

You may need to blot the area for a while to lift heavy stains, but just continue the process until the stain is gone. After the area’s clean, remove your cleaner by blotting the area with a cloth dipped in clean water. Finally, blot the area dry with a towel.

Cleaning dried vomit

You can still remove a stain if the vomit has dried. First, mix a solution of one half-cup hydrogen peroxide and one tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Sprinkle baking soda on the dried vomit and then pour your liquid solution on the baking soda.

Next, rub the area using a soft-bristled toothbrush or a clean cloth. Let the solution sit on the spot for about 10 minutes before blotting the area with a towel. If necessary, run a vacuum over the spot to finish the job.

Bring in the pros

Instead of trying to remove these stains by yourself, hire the team at Precision Carpet Care & Restoration LLC. We’re experts in treating pet stains and any other messes on your carpeting or rugs. Give us a call today to schedule our same-day carpet cleaning service.