You probably already know how difficult it is to maintain clean carpets if you have a cat or dog. If you’re a new pet owner, steady yourself. Just keeping the carpet clean is already a challenge but added carpet problems can present themselves when pets are in the picture.

Within the carpet, hair and pet dander can build up. Dogs can chew carpeting and cats can snag it with their claws. Does this mean that a home with pets cannot be a home with carpeting? Absolutely not! There are any numbers of things that you can do to help your carpet stay new looking and long lasting while still having a little (or not so little) fur baby romping around the place.

The Use of Area Rugs

Just because you have carpeting doesn’t mean you don’t need area rugs. They can be extremely useful, when pets are in the picture, at saving your carpet – particularly in high-traffic areas. Try to encourage your pet to spend more time on the area rug than they do on the carpet.

Hey! Wipe Your Feet (Paws)!

When your pet comes in from the out-of-doors, whether it’s hot, cold, dry, or wet, wipe off their paws. Right next to the door, if you keep a towel, you’re more likely to do this on a regular basis. They may not like it at first, but they’ll get the hang of it eventually.

A Clean Pet Is an Awesome Pet

In addition to keeping your pet’s paws clean, keep them clean in general. Grooming is encouraged as it will assist in keeping excess hair and grime out of your carpet. Additionally, when a pet’s hair is dirty and they lie around on the carpeting, that dirt rubs off. If your pet comes in from the out-of-doors and they’re wet, dry them off as much as possible before they start running around the house. There’s nothing worse than wet dog smell in your carpet!

Carpet Cleaners Should Be Pet-Friendly

Especially if you have a puppy, accidents happen. When they do, to keep stains from embedding themselves into your carpeting, clean up messes as soon as possible. First get up debris and moisture. After that, a carpet cleaner that is pet-friendly is recommended.

Carpets Should Be Vacuumed Regularly

What do we mean by regularly? Clearly, once a day if you have a pet, is not out of the question. Certainly, several times a week at the least. Make sure that you are also vacuuming/cleaning your upholstery. Anything that starts out on the couch can eventually find its way down to the carpet.

Baking soda can be used to keep odors at bay, as a home remedy. Minor stains can sometimes be removed with the use of baking soda as well. It is not, however, a deep cleaning substitute. If pets are in the picture, bringing a professional upholstery and carpet cleaning service in on a regular basis is recommended. More often if you end up with frequent messes/stains.

Count On Precision Carpet Care to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Do you have an older pet or a puppy that leaves frequent messes on your carpet? Does your home smell like your pet? When is the last time you had your carpet cleaned, either before or after you got your pet? There’s every chance that it’s high time for carpet cleaning, and possibly even upholstery cleaning. Bringing in the professionals is your best bet, here. They have the right kind of equipment as well as heavy duty, pet-friendly cleaning supplies.

If you’d like to schedule a carpet cleaning, or if you have any questions regarding your carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, water damage repair, mold remediation, or more, contact us today.