Regardless of the source of the water, it is time to call in a professional on water damage restoration when your home gets flooded. Although some sources are more likely to result in contaminated water than others, it is better to be safe than sorry and get it checked out to be absolutely sure. 

As a general rule of thumb, water from a flood is termed as category three water, carrying it with several mold spores and contaminants that can be potentially life-threatening. Water from a clean source such as snow and pipes is classed as category one water and comes with a lower likelihood of containing life-threatening bacteria, but there is simply no way to ascertain that without a professional’s evaluation.

Now that you have called in the professionals, it is time to start cleaning up the water damage that has occurred. But did you know that the restoration process poses several dangers, and there are precautions you must take to protect yourself? Fret not – we are here with ways you can keep safe during the water damage restoration, ensuring your safety and that of your family’s.

Remove the water immediately

Although it hardly needs saying, it is crucial that you make it a priority to get the water out at your earliest convenience. If left to fester, mold spores and bacteria can accumulate rapidly, forming a health hazard of disastrous proportions by the time you deem it fit to start the process. Removing the water immediately minimizes the water damage done to your property. 

Do not return until it is safe

The next step is to call in the professionals, and avoid returning to your property until they have deemed it safe. Numerous dangers such as contamination, electrocution and structural damage  pose a huge threat to your safety. However, if it is absolutely necessary for you to return, make sure to wear the appropriate safety gear. 

Put on protective gear

Depending on how severe the water damage is, you may have to put on rubber gloves and boots to reenter your property. In serious cases, respiratory protection may even be required.

Do not consume contaminated foods

It goes without saying that bacteria from the floodwater may carry over into your food, especially if they have been left exposed or in containers that are not airtight. It is necessary to dispose of any foods contained in cupboard that has been wetted by the floodwater. Food in airtight containers can be consumed with caution, but not before giving the outside of the container a good sanitizing. 

Let Precision Carpet Care assist with your Water Damage Restoration Needs

Do you require water damage restoration to your property? Perhaps the carpet is beyond salvaging and you need a fresh one, or believe it can be repaired with a good cleaning? Let our professionals at Precision Carpet Care assess the state of your property and recommend the best carpet care solution. Even if you believe the floodwater is clean, it is better to be safe than sorry. We sterilize and decontaminate your property to ensure your peace of mind. Contact us at Precision Carpet Care with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.