How to Dry Wet Carpeting

How to Dry Wet Carpeting

Whether it’s from a leaky pipe or a nasty storm, there may come a day when your carpet gets soaked with water. Even if the water damage seems minor, this issue shouldn’t be ignored. Continue reading to learn a few tips on how to dry carpet:

  • Extract the water: Your first step after removing all furniture and appliances from the affected room is to extract the water. A submersible pump may be required when the water is deep, but a standard shop vac should do the trick in most cases. Both machines are available for rent at your local hardware store.
  • Use absorbent towels: Now that you’ve sucked up as much water as you can using a shop vac or pump, set to work using towels—preferably made of microfiber—to remove more water. Place the towels on the floor and press them down to absorb the moisture. Once the towels are saturated, swap them out for dry ones and repeat the process.
  • Air dry the carpet: Creating airflow with fans and dehumidifiers is crucial when you need to dry wet carpet. Set up large box fans throughout the room to get some good airflow going, and consider setting up a few dehumidifiers to further reduce the moisture in the carpeting. You can also try to dry out small wet spots with a hair dryer if you have time to spare.
  • Replace the carpet padding: If the water damage is severe or if you wait too long to address it, the water can seep down into the carpet padding. Waterlogged carpet padding often leads to mold growth and subsequent health problems for your family. Check to ensure that the carpet padding isn’t damaged, and replace the padding if it is.

Call a professional right away

Instead of trying to dry wet carpet by yourself, just call the experts. Here are a few reasons to bring in water damage restoration professionals right away:

  • Ensure the issue is solved: Following all of our tips should solve your water damage woes, but calling a professional is the best way to ensure the problem is taken care of once and for all. Just be sure to hire a carpet restoration specialist as soon as possible to reduce the chance of significant damage.
  • Save your time: Running to the hardware store to pick up the necessary materials and then completing all of the steps above to dry your carpet takes quite a while. Instead of wasting this precious time, just hire a professional. They’ll restore your carpeting to like-new condition without your needing to lift a finger.
  • Save your money: Homeowners are always surprised when they find out how expensive equipment rental is to dry their carpeting. They often find that hiring a team of professionals is cheaper than renting equipment themselves. Save yourself a bundle by calling our team before heading to the hardware store.

If your carpeting was affected by a recent flood, hire the professionals at Precision Carpet Care & Restoration LLC. Give us a call today to learn more about how to dry carpet or to schedule our water damage restoration services.