Happy Customer Stories: Upholstery Cleaning

Happy Customer Stories: Upholstery Cleaning

Our client was a family of five: two parents, two children, and a 2 year-old dog. Though he had mellowed out, their pup had had a mischievous puppyhood.  And their upholstery – laden with paw prints and even stains from potty training gone wrong – had paid the price.

It was time for a change. And our team was the one to do it.

The problem: our client didn’t want to cringe when they sat down

Our clients weren’t ready to invest in new upholstery for a few reasons. For one, they loved their furniture. They had spent a lot of time selecting their living room set, and they couldn’t wrap their head around replacing it. But they had also spent a considerable cost on it. It fit perfectly into their home, and they weren’t prepared to part with it.

We often find that clients think their only option is to replace their upholstery. But in reality, it usually just needs a deep, professional clean.

The solution: professional upholstery cleaning

Our client was ready to reclaim their living room, and our team was prepared to make it happen. We tapped into our professional upholstery cleaning service to strip away the bad from their furniture – and leave only the good in its place. This included:

  • Hot water extraction to remove stains and deeply embedded debris
  • Special cleaning products to eliminate eyesores and odors
  • Upholstery cleaning technology with a minimal dry time to reduce inconvenience

With our upholstery cleaning service, our clients could enjoy their couch with confidence – and their pup didn’t have a constant reminder of its days pre-training. Everyone won, including their interior!