Happy Customer Stories: Tile Cleaning

Happy Customer Stories: Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning Fayetteville NC

The kitchen was the hub of our client’s home. This is where the whole family gathered; this is where they ate meals, did homework, and caught up after days at work.

There was just one problem: their tile floor was anything but inviting. And it was taking a toll on their favorite spot in the house.

The problem: a much-loved area needs a facelift

The client estimated that they spent 90% of their time in the kitchen. It was the go-to gathering space. But this also meant that the floor was exposed to wear and tear every single day. And it showed in the tiled surfaces. The floor tiling was:

  • Dull: It looked careworn and old. The shine was gone.
  • Dirty: If you looked closely, you would notice a layer of grime covering each tiled surface. It was an eyesore at its worst.

The solution:  comprehensive tile cleaning

The client’s kitchen needed serious help. And our experts were ready to deliver a solution. We applied our professional tile cleaning technology to:

  • Extract dirt and stains
  • Brighten the tiled surfaces
  • Remove dirt from the grout

With our professional tile cleaning service, the client reclaimed their favorite room in the house. And every member of the family benefitted from the facelift!