In a commercial setting, the carpet and rugs in an office, lobby, conference room, or other area must remain presentable at all times. No company should show off filthy carpeting and rugs when associates and clients visit. Additionally, company morale can be brought down by a setting that is less than clean and sanitary. These are all great reasons to hire a reputable and dependable professional rug and carpet cleaning company. They can execute emergency cleaning services, schedule regular cleaning services, and offer specialized cleaning services, as needed.

Whether it involves a small office or conference room, large lobby, or an entire multi-office space, when you need your commercial rugs and carpets cleaned, you want a company that cares. In today's world, that can be a tall order. But in Fayetteville and surrounding communities, Precision Carpet Care has taken pride in all they do for 11 years. Our goal is simple: Provide unsurpassed service that goes above and beyond your expectations in the upholstery and carpet cleaning industry.

Our IICRC certification (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration) reflects our expertise. When you're looking for a commercial rug and carpet cleaning company that offers experienced, reliable, trustworthy service, look no further than Precision Carpet Care.

What Fayetteville, NC Residents Are Saying

The following are reviews posted by a number of our clients. These reviews and more are viewable at our website:

  • Chris - Our entire company was impressed and pleased with the professionalism shown by not only the team but the entire Precision Carpet Care organization. They were able to schedule an emergency rug cleaning for our company, provided competitive pricing, sent an expert team, and did an excellent job. I can't recommend them enough to commercial businesses.

  • Val - Frankie and Jason offered excellent, fast service and went above and beyond. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. If you have a commercial business, seriously consider using Precision Carpet Care to clean your rugs, carpet, and more.

Before - Library Carpet Cleaning
Library Cleaning - Before
After - Library Office Carpet Cleaning
Library Cleaning - After

Why Do You Need Commercial Rug Cleaning?

Carpets and rugs can sometimes be difficult to deal with. Stains, colors, textures, and more can make the job of carpet and rug cleaning not only difficult, but a job that requires expertise. If the rugs in your commercial setting are not the kind that are disposable, picked up and replaced/cleaned by a service, or machine washable, your best bet is to hire the professionals at Precision Carpet Care to give them a good cleaning.

But why use a professional? Undoubtedly, you have a custodial or janitorial service that comes in and vacuums. That's probably good enough for loose, surface-level dirt. But to get odors and stains out, and to achieve a deep down, thorough cleaning to remove embedded soil, you need a professional. 

Don't give the wrong impression by settling for dingy, old-looking rugs in your commercial setting. Make a great first impression with carpeting and rugs that look new and fresh.

Carpet Cleaning Commerical
Commercial Cleaning - Before
Commercial Carpet Cleaning.
Commercial Cleaning - After

Services We Offer at Precision Carpet Care

It should be simple, rather than stressful, to get your upholstery and carpet cleaned. Additionally, it should deliver something more than a quick fix - it should offer a long lasting, quality solution. To protect your favorite surfaces, we offer complete cleaning services including the following:

  • Emergency water extractions

  • Carpet patching and repair

  • Stain removal (paint, rust, ink, marker, wine, Kool-Aid, etc.)

  • Pet treatments

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Grout and tile cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning

  • We also offer residential cleaning services.

Before - Plumbing Office Carpet Cleaning
Plumbing Office Cleaning - Before
After - Plumbing Office Cleaning
Plumbing Office Cleaning - After

Trust Precision Carpet Care For Your Commercial Rug Cleaning Needs

Precision Carpet Care has a five-star rating. Our reviews are available on Angie's List, Yelp, Facebook, and Google. See for yourself what others have experienced when hiring the friendly, knowledgeable professionals we send out on our commercial and residential jobs.

If you have questions about our commercial rug and carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning in Fayetteville and surrounding areas, we encourage you to contact us today at (910) 984-5195. You can also fill out our online form for a free estimate.