Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Winter might be ending, but it can still leave plenty of remnants in your carpet. Salt, dirt from snow and other cold weather byproducts may linger for a long time.

Thus, carpet cleaning should be part of your spring cleaning. When people behold your spotless carpet, it’ll make your office, church or other business environment seem extra inviting.

By contrast, grimy carpets can make visitors think that you’re not attentive to details. It’s an impression that can be hard to shake.

Even more important, a clean carpet makes for healthier breathing. After all, mold spores and other potentially harmful particles can build up inside carpets over time, and your staff members will inhale them all day every day. Those with allergies will especially appreciate your clean carpets.

Keep in mind that lasting carpet cleaning is best left to professionals with specialized tools. Vacuuming is just a surface-level procedure, and so is applying a stain remover.

Precision Carpet Care to the Rescue

Precision Carpet Care & Restoration can make your rugs look as beautiful as new, and their colors will be as vibrant as ever. There are good reasons the company enjoys a five-star rating on Google!

This business serves Fayetteville and nearby cities and towns, and its employees always strive to impress clients. They’ll schedule your cleanings at convenient times. They’ll answer all of your questions and heed all of your special requests. They’re prompt and efficient, respectful and friendly. And they’ll clean your carpeting with great care, attention to detail and — as the name suggests — precision. Customer service is paramount.

Owned by Lori and Jason Brown, Precision Carpet Care & Restoration has been steam cleaning carpets with top-notch pieces of equipment for 11 years. Its experts have extensive experience as well as full insurance and licensing. They’re also proud to hold a certificate from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

In short, the team at Precision Carpet Care & Restoration is always ready to tackle deep dirt, difficult dust mites and the stubbornest of stains.