Depending on the exact carpet you choose, carpeting the floors of a home can make a serious dent in your bankbook. This is particularly applicable to some of the high-end, luxurious carpets that cover the floors of the country's most outrageously expensive homes that border on mansions - and mansions themselves, of course. But even if you didn't spend a fortune on carpeting, who wants to replace carpeting if they don't need to? Even if you choose affordable carpeting, it's still a hassle. Particularly if just a section has been damaged or stained, wouldn't it be nice to simply replace just that part of your floor covering? 

Whether it is a mansion-like, luxurious home or a small apartment, when you need your carpet repaired or patched, you want a reliable, experienced, professional. In Fayetteville and surrounding communities, that means calling Precision Carpet Care. For 11 years we've been taking pride in what we do and that has helped to establish us as one of the premier carpet care services in not just the area, but in the entire industry. 

Our IICRC certification (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration) reflects our expertise. When you're looking for a carpet repair and patching company that offers experienced, reliable, trustworthy service, look no further than Precision Carpet Care.

What Fayetteville, NC Residents Are Saying

The following are reviews posted by a number of our clients. These reviews and more are viewable at our website:

  • Bill - The fastest response time and most amazing customer service I've ever experienced! I made an appointment and that very same day a team was sent to my home. The stains in my carpet were amazingly removed, a badly damaged portion of another carpet was expertly patched, and everything was done quickly and expert fashion.


  • Chris - The professionalism of Precision is unmatched. Before they got to my house they gave me a phone call to let me know they were on their way. They told me how long the job would take and got right to work when they arrived. My carpets look and feel like new! I highly recommend Precision Carpet Care and Restoration.

Before Carpet Patch for blue paint
Before Repair and Patching
After Carpet Patch for blue paint
After Repair and Patching

Why Do You Need Carpet Repair and Patching?

As suggested earlier, the hassle of shopping for, deciding on, preparing for, and cleaning up after new carpeting isn't something that a lot of people relish. Particularly if you spent a lot of money on your existing floor covering, whenever possible, you'd like to salvage it. Most stains can be removed. But when they can't, or a carpet section has suffered irreparable damage, what are your options? With expertly executed carpet repair and/or patching, you may be able to salvage your beloved floor covering without having to worry about replacing the entire thing. Burns, cuts, tears, and unremovable stains are some of the reasons that a carpet might need repair and/or patching.


Services We Offer at Precision Carpet Care

It should be simple, rather than stressful, to get your upholstery and carpet cleaned. Additionally, it should deliver something more than a quick fix - it should offer a long lasting, quality solution. To protect your favorite surfaces, we offer complete cleaning services including the following:

  • Emergency water extractions

  • Carpet patching and repair

  • Stain removal (paint, rust, ink, marker, wine, Kool-Aid, etc.)

  • Pet treatments

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Grout and tile cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning

We also offer commercial cleaning services.

Trust Precision Carpet Care For Your Carpet Repair and Patching Needs

When you entrust your home's carpet to the experts at Precision Carpet Care, whether it's cleaning, patching, repairing, or stain removal, you will experience a process that is not only simple but enjoyable. In everything we do, we offer nothing but the best and insist upon a staff that is knowledgeable, experienced, courteous, and dependable.

If you have questions about our carpet repair and patching, tile and grout cleaning, or our carpet cleaning in Fayetteville and surrounding areas, we encourage you to contact us today at (910) 984-5195. You can also fill out our online form for a free estimate.