Carpet Cleaning Client Success Story

Carpet Cleaning Client Success Story

A cute dog, a few accidents, and a whole lot of stains – such was the case for one of our residential carpet cleaning clients. And it was up to us to come to the rescue!

The Problem: A Puppy & Potty Training

Our client got a puppy. This sweet lab mix was full of energy – and she kept her new family on her toes.

There is a lot to love about the new puppy – the antics, the snuggles, and the never-ending energy. The only thing to not love? The trials and tribulations of potty training.

This took a toll on their carpets. And even though they cleaned up accidents in record time, the pup made its mark throughout the house. Even after she learned bathroom etiquette, the stains remained. And, for good reason, it drove our client crazy.

The Solution: Professional Carpet Cleaning

We arrived with our truck-mounted carpet cleaning technology to restore the client’s flooring to its spotless and stain-free state. Our process included:

  • Hot water cleaning that was able to break down the urine buildup
  • Extraction methods that pulled all the stains from the fibers
  • Deodorizing application to remove any lingering smells

With Precision Carpet Care & Restoration, the client’s carpeting had a new lease on life. And our customer could focus on the important stuff: enjoying their new member of the family!