Do you happen to have carpets that require repair or deep cleaning? Look no further because here at Precision Carpet Care & Restoration, we offer the best upholstery, carpet and tile cleaning services in the country. Our team of professionals are well-trained in these areas and have years of shared experience under their belts. Rest assured that we provide the highest quality cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial clients in Cameron. 

About Cameron


Cameron is located in the United States in the state of Arizona. It is considered a census-designated place (CDP). Cameron is only measured to be about 18.7 square miles large. It also has a small population size but its main revenue comes from tourist businesses. Cameron is famous for its tourist food and craft shops and other specialized services for tourist traffic. It can be said that most of these places are made of small private-owned stalls. The services that we can offer will be perfect for the many businesses that need to keep up their appearances in order to attract tourists. 


Areas of Expertise


Carpet Cleaning Services in Cameron: Here at Precision Carpet Care & Restoration, we are experts in removing stains from any type of carpet. We utilize specially curated cleaning solutions and chemicals that are suitable for use on carpets and gentle on its structure but effective in eradicating any stain. If you want your carpet to look good as new again, then we have the right solutions for you. 

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services in Cameron: Dirty tiles and grout lines are an extremely common occurrence in both households and workplace facilities. It is a problem that can be annoying and very hard to eradicate. Our cleaning services have been proven to be super effective in removing any dirt in grout and restore faded tiles to their original beauty standards. Rest assured we have the best cleaning agents and the right equipment for this cause. 

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Cameron: It can be hard to keep your upholstery in its original state. This is especially so when there are children or careless customers around. With our upholstery cleaning services, we can restore your dirty furniture to look spotless and clean again. 

Commercial Cleaning Services in Cameron: We also specialize in providing a wide range of cleaning services for our commercial clients. Work with us to come up with cleaning solutions that can help improve your business and gain higher profits because tourists will be more willing to enter your stall. 

Choose Precision Carpet Care & Restoration for High-Quality Cleaning Services in Cameron


Ever since our inception more than a decade ago, Precision Carpet Care & Restoration has become a giant in this industry and one of the best options for cleaning solutions in Cameron. We are also known for the most competitive prices and the highest quality of customer service. We will work tirelessly to ensure that all our clients get exactly what they pay for. 

If you have any pressing inquiries about our services or rates in Cameron, please feel free to contact us or talk to our friendly customer service staff at (910) 421-2495!