If you’ve ever moved into a home in which someone else previously resided, you already know that the word “clean” has different connotations for different people. Your idea of clean may be a far stretch from someone else’s idea of clean. So the question arises, whether you’re moving into a place that’s previously been lived in, or you’re questioning the conditions of your home as it currently exists, are the carpets clean enough?

Why do we carpet rooms? Carpeting helps insulate our home, and makes it more comfortable, warmer, and generally more appealing. But though it is useful, cozy, and pretty, it needs constant cleaning and maintenance. You should, for the best results, have a regular cleaning schedule already set up.

Cleaning Your Carpets

Okay, you’ve cleaned your carpet but are still wondering, “Is my carpet clean enough?” If not, and it’s been thoroughly cleaned, it might be time for new carpeting. But let’s not jump the gun. Keep in mind, as well, that when you get new carpeting, staying on top of it where cleaning is concerned is the best way to assure its longevity and beauty. Not only that, it’s a lot healthier for your family if your carpet is as clean as it can be.

Let’s talk about the signs of a carpet that isn’t quite clean enough.

Allergy Problems in the Home

Do you, or does someone in your home, suffer from allergy issues or asthma? Are their symptoms aggravated more than usual? If so, it could be a result of what’s in your carpet. Allergens, pollutants, and dust mites get trapped in carpet fibers which can result in inferior air quality in your home. It’s high time to clean your carpet if breathing problems are arising from its less than desirable cleanliness level.

When’s the Last Time You Had Your Carpet Cleaned?

Professionals recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned once a year. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have it cleaned more often, particularly if you have children, pets, a lot of traffic coming and going, etc. Even spot cleaning highly trafficked areas a little more often can help extend the life of your carpet, while still scheduling an annual cleaning for the entire wall-to-wall carpet area.

Overall, What’s the Appearance of Your Carpet?

Think back to when you first had your carpet installed. Remember what color it was? Is it still the same color? If not, it is either worn beyond belief or dirty. Either way, having it cleaned, refreshed, and revitalized could make it look like new once again.

Your carpet, aside from looking dirty, can also feel dirty. If you’ve ever pet an animal and come back with a hand that felt less than clean, you’ll know what we mean. Run your hand across your carpet. If your hand feels anything less than dirt free, it’s a good sign your carpet needs help.

Make Sure Your Carpets Are Clean with Precision Carpet Care

Whether you’ve had your carpet cleaned every year since it was installed or have neglected and ignored it for a while, the professionals at Precision Carpet Care want to help. Invite us into your home and we will do everything in our power to make your carpet look like new again. If you’ve experienced emergency situations such as flooding or excess moisture, we can help there as well. When it comes to cleaning and restoring your home after water damage, in the case of mold, or from pet damage, we’ve got your back.

Contact us today, at Precision Carpet Care, to schedule carpet cleaning and so much more!