3 Ways to Keep Pets From Ruining Your Upholstery

3 Ways to Keep Pets From Ruining Your Upholstery

There are so many rewards to pet ownership: the antics, the unconditional love, and the real-life experience of “man’s best friend.”

But your upholstered surfaces might not agree. Pets – especially dogs – can do a real number on your sofas, ottomans, and your carpeting. Whether bathroom accidents or muddy pawprints are the culprit, the result is usually an eyesore.

The solution for a pet-friendly and beautiful interior

Pet owners don’t have to sacrifice their interior for their pups. With a little bit of preventative care, paired with the help of a carpet and upholstery cleaning company you can trust, your home will be poised for success.

  • Puppy training (with a side of positive reinforcement)
    Every dog trainer will recommend that the best way to keep your upholstery clean is to keep pets off the sofa. The only downside? This means you can’t have your best friend by your side when you’re relaxing after work.
  • Invest in a deep clean
    When you’re done with the “puppy stage,” invest in a deep clean for all your upholstered surfaces. This will give your interior a fresh start.
  • Keep your upholstery cleaning company on speed dial
    Accidents happen. And when they do, it’s helpful to have the expertise of an upholstery cleaning company you can trust. Precision Carpet Care & Restoration offers the deep clean your fabric surfaces need to reclaim their spotless shine… even if pets are part of the equation!

Keep your interior, your budget, yourself, and your pet happy. And when accidents happen, know that you can turn to the expert team at Precision Carpet Care & Restoration to make it right!