3 Reasons Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Matters

3 Reasons Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Matters

A member of our team wrapping up a job for a recent commercial carpet cleaning client.

Muddy shoes, pets, spills, the occasional accident: life happens. But when it does, your carpet is often collateral damage.

That’s why it’s important to have the support of a carpet cleaning team you trust. And when you invest in a professional carpet cleaning solution, you’re investing in the things that really matter: your health, your comfort, and your property value.

We protect your interior and your health.

As an IICRC certified, licensed, and insured carpet cleaning company, our team offers the full package. Every service includes:

  • Superior quality through our truck-mounted steam cleaning system
  • The expertise of experienced carpet cleaning professionals
  • The security of our satisfaction guarantee

We get to the core of the problem.

Even the best vacuum or DIY carpet cleaner has its limits. They extract subsurface debris – but they can’t deep-penetrate into the pile. As a result, the bacteria, grit, and eyesores persist.

Our professional steam cleaning offers an effective alternative. Our system uses top-grade technology and high temperatures to:

  • Extract dust, dirt, pet hair and other imperfections
  • Remove most stains and odors
  • Kill more than 90% of bacteria (we’re looking at you, dust mites)

We help you save time.

DIY carpet cleaning will leave your carpets wet long after you return your rental equipment. But steam cleaning will leave your carpets looking spotless and only have a dry time of a few hours. This is important, as it:

  • Reduces the amount of time you can’t use your carpeted space
  • Minimizes the risk of mold or mildew growth

Whether you manage a business or own a home, your carpeting should benefit your interior – not detract from it. Let our team support your property with our professional carpet cleaning solution. A spotless carpet is hiding beneath the wear and tear. And our team is ready to uncover it!